Wednesday, September 2, 2015


We need bilingual signage in Quebec to encourage tourism in Quebec, as Quebec is but a small island in the ocean of English speaking North America. We used to have bilingual signage, but now everywhere we look the signage is in French only. It's very tourist unfriendly frown emoticon
I just signed a petition to Philippe Couillard, MD, Premier Ministre du Quebec: The whole pretext for the creation of the L'Office québécois...
  • Phyllis Carter -  It is very human unfriendly. But the object is clear - Cleanse Quebec of Les Maudits Anglais et les Juifs. Nothing new under the dreary skies of Quebec.

  • Robert Letsch - Not to worry, Phyllis. Quebec is being flooded with immigrants from everywhere who are at least trilingual if not multilingual .. the pure laines are being overwhelmed .. LOL

  • Celine Leduc - Gisele Harrison Carr does your mother live in Quebec???? If so she will get the documents in French only the only time she will get documents in English is if she requests them. I haved lived in Montreal North for 3 years and if we go to a restaurant the menus are French only we can get one in English if we ask. However, 90% of waitresses are bilingual. I have lived in Quebec most of my life and things have changed a great deal. In health care for example people have complained that they cannot get services in both languages. CSSS do have translators to help those in need. Please tell us more about your mom

  • Celine Leduc  - The petition against the OQLF is one petition that you may or may not agree with it is your choice. The OQLF Instead of making sure that French is spoken properly the "language police" is very busy banning words such as pasta on a menu, going after a business because the English language on a sign is the same size as English. When it first started the OQLF was offering booklets that offered useful terms and idioms correcting some "anglicisme" which improve French. These days it has become more and more against those who speak English or have bilingual signs in their stores. One thing that has changed in Qc because of law 101 the language law is that it is getting out of hand by this I mean that Quebec is slowly becoming unilingual French. I life bilingualism. One example microwaves in hotels must be French only no more ON OFF button, telephones are no longer bilingual French only even some products that advertise bilingual cookbooks when you open the box you find a French book only. Montreal might be friendly the people are nice but the laws not so nice. Gisele Harrison Carr the purpose of the group is to talk about women issues and comment discuss and hopely find solutions to problems that hurt women . You can post a petition that is close to your heart. No problem

  • Phyllis Carter  - TRUTH IS USUALLY SIMPLE - POLITICS IS DESIGNED TO CONFUSE AND DELAY AND SMOTHER OPPOSITION. There is really only one issue here and it is not the purification or glorification or protection of the French language. That was a genuine issue decades ago when Eaton's had an apostrophe. Even then, as a young girl, I was refused a job as a clerk at Eaton's because I didn't know the French word for "kettle". The issue in recent decades has been to suppress and discourage and intimidate and deprive those Canadians living in Quebec - even for more than a hundred years - so that we would get out. That is the truth and it is simple.

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