Tuesday, September 1, 2015


The news is full of discussion and debate about the ability of Iran to produce an Atomic Bomb.
Bibi Netanyahu is bitterly opposed to the deal that is now on the table.

But no one seems to have any "vision."

With a term of ten or more years in which Iran's nuclear activities would be closely monitored, some are worried that, after that, Iran would just build The Bomb.

No one seems to have considered that, during the ten years, the people of Iran might remember that there was a time when Persians were an ideal society where art and science and culture and architecture flourished and, in more recent decades, where beautiful girls were free to dress beautifully and move freely in the streets of Tehran without fear of being raped or slaughtered by fanatics.

And when they remember, the women of Iran may remind their husbands, brothers, fathers and sons what life can be like in a free society, what it would be like for girls to laugh and sing and study about everything freely and conduct business and drive cars and be respected as fully capable human beings instead of cowed slaves in black bags.

During the next ten years, Iran may return to sanity and freedom from fear of old men in white beards who exercise evil power by abusing God's name.

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