Tuesday, April 13, 2010


April 13, 2010
An Ontario activist wrote:

"Phyllis, there's one thing your Blog didn't mention. You know this part? "What is most distressing about speaking up is that those who are elected or otherwise employed to do justice, to stand up for the underdog, to protect and defend, are "absent" – uninvolved, uncaring, unwilling to sacrifice their comfort to do what is right."

Maybe Quebec is different but the thing I find most distressing is "those who are elected or otherwise employed to do justice" are actually EVIL. Evil. They KNOW they're doing wrong and perpetuating wrong. And they LIE about it. And they know that I know they lie about it AND that I've got them on video. And Traditional Media does nothing either.

Systemic evil.

So for me failure is inevitable...."
I know that the so-called justice system is full of evil - partly deliberate, greedy, arrogant evil, partly incompetence and fear. But that is why it is so important that the few individuals who care about justice should never get soft and succumb.
Because of the corruption that goes along with the incompetence, it is all the more important that the few who are straight and honest stand up and scream the truth.
"He who does not bellow the truth, when he knows the truth, makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers"  (Charles Peguy)
There is my fight for my own case, my own precious belongings, my own family's rights. But the fight goes beyond me, beyond my family - to everyone.
We have just so much time to live. No one knows how much time we have. If we don't use that time to fight for justice, what the hell are we living for? What does my life mean if I let injustice run rampant and I don't do everything I can to stop it ?
I have been endowed with a few gifts - the ability to express my thoughts clearly, a steel-strong sense of right and wrong, and stubbornness that will not be suppressed. If God gave me those gifts, how dare I not use them to do what is right?
Last summer, I came close to death. I survived only because I was stubborn and, instead of obeying an irresponsible doctor's orders to go home, I made my way to my oncologist who saved my life. I am still fighting cancer. Do you think that politicians, the police or even criminals are more to be feared than cancer? Think again.
I will fight to my last breath for what is right, for what is mine, for what belongs to my siblings and their children. I will fight to expose the thieves - Dawn McSweeney and her partners in crime - in criminal court, and I will fight to recover every precious thing they stole from me and from my family.
I will continue to expose those who have helped the thieves, including the Montreal Police, and those who have failed to help their victims - the incompetent and irresponsible people who work in government offices and organizations that claim to be helping victims, and members of government who have found all sorts of excuses to do nothing. Red tape? Incompetence? Cover-up? Politics? All of these and more. Corruption.  A legal system that cares nothing about justice.
Everything has been recorded and copied and will become available when the case finally gets to criminal court. The truth is on my blogs for all the world to see.
Dawn McSweeney and her partners in crime can't give my parents back the ten year span of their lives that they stole from them through lies and greedy manipulations. My parents both died broken-hearted because of Dawn McSweeney's lies. Our family was torn apart by Dawn McSweeney's lies. 
As for the rest - watch me. The truth is the most powerful weapon on earth and in the universe. Tyrants great and small fear it. I will continue to speak and write the truth constantly, relentlessly, day and night, until the authorities being me justice.
Truth is my sword;
Persistence is my creed;
Failure is not an option;
Surrender is not in my vocabulary.
There will be no peace without justice.  Luke 18:1- 8
Phyllis Carter

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