Thursday, April 8, 2010


Harper 'upset' child-killer Olson
receiving public pension funds in prison

March 25, 2010 The Canadian Press

March 25, 2010
Why did Stephen Harper now suddenly become "upset" about Clifford Olson receiving a Canadian Government pension? Didn't he know it was happening all these years?
The PM is "upset" because one reporter somewhere finally wrote the story and one journal agreed to publish it.
Only then, after years, did Harper notice the cries and pleas of all the crime victims.
Injustice thrives in Canada because of the silence of the lambs. Canadians are so nice and polite. Most don't like to make a fuss, so criminals have little to fret about.
Justice can only come about when Canadians start to protest out loud the abuses criminals visit upon the innocent with the help of incompetent or corrupt police and politicians who are notoriously hard of hearing between elections. You have to yell to catch their interest.
Phyllis Carter

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