Friday, April 2, 2010


April 2, 2010
I opened an email from Sandra Martin-Toner whose young son Matthew was murdered. (see below). I had asked if she would mind telling me the motive for the murder. This is what she wrote: 
The motive for this random and senseless attack was a crucifix my son wore. Katherine Quinn felt she had to have it, and killed him for it. How Ironic it is that Matthew was killed for his cross, just like in the bible.
This was my reply:
Sandra, this is one of the oddest "coincidences" I have ever run into. I was just writing to a friend about all the "coincidences" I experience, and I was reminded that Einstein said that "Coincidences are God's way of remaining anonymous" !
The underlying reason why my niece, Dawn McSweeney was able to get away with robbing me - apart from her basic hatred, jealousy and greed - and the involvement of the police officer - was that my mother was so hurt by the fact that I had become a Christian. Dawn used that to make my mother believe that I was the enemy !
In fact, when Kenneth Prud'homme and my sister Debbie got that court order declaring that I was insane and dangerous, some of the accusations on their application were that I quoted the bible and I wore a big cross.
They also wrote that I danced naked on my mother's grave, killed cats by throwing them against a wall and set fires to homes for the pleasure of watching them burn. And more. 
A judge who never met me or spoke to me approved their application in four minutes, with no medical evidence and no witnesses except Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme who I had never met or spoken to, and my baby sister Debbie, Dawn's mother, who hadn't spoken to me - or even seen me in a decade, except from a distance at my mother's burial a few days earlier.
April 2, 2010,,,,,,,,,,,,

Loopholes in the law let murderers run free. Only crime victims and their loved ones suffer under Canadian law.

Phyllis Carter

Family of murdered teen dreading yet another trial

Shane Bigham Apr 01, 2010 15:08:47 PM
SURREY (NEWS1130) - The family of a teen murdered at Surrey Central SkyTrain station nearly five years ago says they feel victimized all over again.  Katherine Quinn and Robert Forslund were convicted of killing 16-year-old Matthew Martins in 2005.  However, Quinn won a new trial on appeal and will be back in court in Surrey next Tuesday.

Matthew Martins' stepfather, David Toner, says it's going to be tough sitting through another five-week trial.  "We lost our son...that was incredibly difficult, and then went through the process of a criminal trial,  to see a killer brought to justice.  That happened, and then appeal was granted, and you have to be dragged through the mud again.  It never lets us get over it and move on, it keeps re-opening the wound."

Toner says the teen's family is still hopeful that justice will ultimately be done.  Quinn has been out on bail since winning a new trial last year on a technicality.

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