Friday, April 30, 2010



In its hunger for profit, British Petroleum is now flooding the Louisiana coast with an ocean of oil, killing numberless species and debilitating the earth's ecosystem in ways we have yet to imagine. At the same time, Japan seeks the arrest of Paul Watson, Captain of The Sea Shepherd.
While most of the world looks the other way, Paul Watson risks his life to protect the innocent from being slaughtered.
Japan  claims that they hunt whales for scientific purposes, when anyone over ten years old and not mentally defective knows that is a lie.
Japan hunts whales for the same reason that others commit crimes, for profit. But Canada's politicians are not concerned about the whales. They are concerned about the economy and their business with Japan. It is, as always, about money.
We give soldiers medals for killing. Let us give Paul Watson a medal for preventing  the slaughter of some of the most wonderful, most intelligent creatures on earth.
Phyllis Carter

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