Monday, April 12, 2010


YOM HASHOAH, April 12, 2010
Anti-Semitic incidents doubled last year and are at the highest level in two decades. One TV news report showed a spray painted sign that reads, "6 Million More".
Has anyone noticed that the artists of these proclamations are never to be seen? The creators of these declarations do not stand by their signs and state their case. No, they spray and run to hide. Why? If their message is true and their cause just, why don't they stand by what they write?
Let young people who do not know the Holocaust take a moment to think about the characters who spray hatred on schools, synagogues and tombstones and run away. Are these people you can admire ? You might want to learn about what hatred has done in Europe, in Africa, in Asia. You might want to see photographs of the butchered, burned and tortured bodies of men, women and children, the helpless victims of hatred and greed.
Be careful about who you choose as your heroes. I never knew Superman to spray and run. These hate mongers are cowards and fools. They prey on the weak and the ignorant. 
Intelligent people who have a genuine grievance stand up before the world and declare their arguments openly, ready to face discussion and debate on the real issues.They don't spray like animals and run.
Phyllis Carter

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