Sunday, April 18, 2010


Now sitting comfortably at the right hand of Montreal Mayor, Gerald Tremblay, Michael Applebaum continues to treat the voters with contempt. 
Michael Applebaum tells us that "People have to realize that there is a cost for services and people have to understand what those costs are." (NDG Free Press April 14. 2010.)
In the past, Michael has referred to the residents of his borough as "mere" and "splinters" and "insignificant". He has threatened to sue us for questioning his real estate activities while he was borough mayor and head of the zoning committee.
And now, as usual, the Applebaum talks down to us as if we, "the people" he refers to with such contempt, were children or idiots - or his servants. He keeps on getting it wrong.
We are not his servants. He is ours. And we, the people, are not ignorant or stupid. We know that services cost. That's why people pay taxes.
But what Applebaum is trying to get by us with smoke and mirrors is an excuse to make us pay more taxes. By speaking to us in a condescending manner, he hopes to make us feel inferior and too insecure to stand up to him.
You see, Micahel Applebaum doesn't have to worry about where his next meal is coming from. I'm sure he has no problem paying rent. Michael Applebaum always makes decisions that will ultimately benefit the rich and comfortable. He dreams up grandiose projects that the ordinary people have to pay for and then he talks down to us, hoping we will be so intimidated that we will  remain silent.
Think again, Michael. I may not be well enough to attend council meetings, but I am still here - and the voters of NDG are watching you.
Phyllis Carter

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