Friday, April 9, 2010


The endless struggle between Israel and the Palestinians goes around and around. All these decades have not brought peace or justice.
He says, she says, they say. He shoots, she dies. They shoot, they die. The history of the so-called "Holy Land" is full of pain, injustice, tragedy, anger, the shedding of sweet innocent blood and endless recriminations.
My piece is not going to solve the problems. But I think it would help some of us if we had clear information - without going into the history. Don't say it's impossible.
What I am suggesting is that, if some of my readers would offer a brief list of say, twelve points, very simply stating what specific issues need to be solved in order to stop the killing and divide the land fairly, I would love to read what you have to say.
I will not read tirades. I will not read beyond the first foul word. I will just delete garbage - or turn it over to the authorities - I will not respond. I am only interested in brief, honest points that could be understood by people who want to understand, and who would like to encourage a fair and just peace.
Phyllis Carter

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