Thursday, April 8, 2010


March 16, 2010
Unless it is Halloween, Purim, or bitter cold outside, there is no reasonable excuse for honest people to hide their faces in Canada. Bank robbers and vandals wear masks and we know why they do. But honourable people have no reason to hide their faces in this country.
If you have a just cause, have the courage to show your face while you protest. What are you really hiding? Your mischief ? Your malice? Your cowardice ? Who do you really represent? What do you really intend to accomplish ? To disrupt the genuine protest ? To play childish games? To cause trouble for the fun of it?
I have no objection to modest ladies covering their hair for religious or personal reasons. But I look forward to meeting my Muslim neighbours face to face. I cannot imagine a friendly relationship with a masked person.  
I ask our legislators to make it illegal to wear a face covering on the public streets of Canada. 
Phyllis Carter

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