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There are still so many lunatics in the world who insist on worshipping man-made gods - savage gods that demand blood sacrifices of animals - and even young virgins - which they, of course, enjoy raping on their god's behalf. 

It takes courage to jump off the band wagon and say, "THE EMPEROR IS NAKED" and "YOUR GOD IS TOO SMALL AND TOO CRUEL".

If people are shown the galaxies and they still choose to sacrifice to cruel gods, they must be stopped.

Animal Sacrifice Banned at Gadhimai Festival in Nepal,
The World's Largest Animal Sacrifice!!
On July 29, 2015, Nepal's Gadhimai Temple Trust announced that animal sacrifice will no longer be permitted at the Gadhimai Festival, which is an event to honor the goddess Gadhimai that occurs every 5 years in Nepal.

For months prior to the slaughter last year, LCA staff and other animal rights groups and activists distributed petitions against the sacrifice, and were instrumental in spreading awareness and creating public outcry. Much of the credit goes to the locals of India and Nepal, and especially Animal Welfare Network Nepal, for stepping up to the plate. We must give credit where credit is due.
Water buffalo, goats, lambs and other animals were brutally slaughtered at the Gadhimai Festival in Nepal.

At past Gadhimai Festivals:
  • Water buffalo, goats, lambs, pigeons and other animals were brutally bludgeoned to death to supposedly appease the goddess Gadhimai
  • Many animals were purchased in villages in India, and forced to march for miles to the Gadhimai temple.
  • Festival participants consumed copious amounts of alcohol, so they were often drunk as they brutally attacked the animals.
  • Small children were commonly present for the massacre.
The Gadhimai Festival was the largest animal sacrifice in the world. It brought in high revenues for the priests, organizers and animal sellers, who put profit over animal welfare. But the nightmare is now over.

LCA has received an overwhelming response and many inquiries in the last 48 hours about this issue. I would like to thank all who have called the office as well as everyone who supported LCA in helping to end the sacrifice. 
For the Animals,

Chris DeRose
Founder and President
Last Chance for Animals

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