Wednesday, July 22, 2015


English translation follows
Une femme vêtue d'une burka (une robe noire et un masque facial) était debout en ligne à la caisse avec ses courses. 

Quand ce fut son tour à la caisse, elle a fait une remarque à propos de l'épinglette du drapeau canadien, que la caissière portait sur sa blouse. 
La caissière regarda et toucha sa broche et lui dit: 
- Oui, je la porte toujours avec fierté... Mon fils sert à l'étranger avec les forces et je la porte pour lui.
La femme musulmane a demandé à la caissière:
- Quand allez-vous cesser de bombarder et de tuer mes concitoyens, en lui mentionnant qu'elle était irakienne.
À ce moment, un homme qui était debout dans la file d'attente s'avança, il l'interrompu avec une voix calme et douce, et lui dit :
- Excusez-moi, mais des centaines de milliers d'hommes et de femmes, tout comme le fils de cette dame ont combattu et sacrifié leur vie pour que des gens comme vous puissent venir ici, au Canada, qui est MON pays, et pour que vous puissiez vous permettre de critiquer ouvertement une innocente caissière de bombarder VOS compatriotes.
Je suis convaincu que si vous étiez autorisée à être aussi franche et critique que cela en Irak, que vous prétendez être VOTRE pays, alors nous n'aurions pas besoin de nous battre là-bas aujourd'hui. 

Toutefois, maintenant que vous avez appris à parler et critiquer le peuple canadien qui vous a apporté la protection de MON pays.....
Je serais heureux de payer le coût de votre billet pour que vous puissiez retourner en Irak.
- Quand vous serez là bas, si vous arrivez à survivre en restant aussi franche et critique que vous l'êtes ici au Canada.

Alors vous devriez être en mesure d'aider à redresser la pagaille que VOS compatriotes irakiens ont développée.. Pagaille qui semble être la raison pour laquelle vous êtes venue dans MON PAYS. "
Toute la file a applaudi ........
A woman Wearing a burka ( a black dress and a face mask ) was standing in line to the Cash with his runs.

When it was her turn at the caisse, she made a comment about the pin The canadian flag, that the teller was wearing on her blouse.

The teller looked and touched her pin and said to him:
- yes, i still bears with pride... My son is used abroad with the forces and i wear it for him.

The muslim woman asked the cashier:
- when will you stop shelling and killing my fellow citizens, in him mentioning that it Was in iraq.

At that time, a man who was standing in the queue went forward, it The interrupted with a quiet voice and sweet, and said unto him:

- excuse me, but hundreds of thousands of men and women, just as the Son of this lady fought and sacrificed their lives for that people like you can come here, In canada, which is my country, and so that you can allow you to openly criticise an innocent A cashier to bomb your compatriots.

I am convinced that if you were allowed to be as frank and critical as this in iraq, that You claim to be your country, then we would not need to beat us there today Today.
However, now that you have learned to talk and criticize the canadian people that made you the protection In my country.....
I would be happy to pay the cost of your ticket so that you can return to iraq.

- when you are out there, if you can survive in remaining as frank and critical as you The are here in canada.
Then you should be able to help to redress the mess that your fellow iraqis have developed.. Mess that seems to be the reason why you came in my country. '

The entire file applauded........

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Selene Y said...

I am angry at the colonial attitude of a man wannabe. I do not agree with women a Niqab however, I do not believe in lying either. That so called journalist has a very condescending attitude and like many other stories I am sure she does not know the name of the woman. The name of the bank where this allegedly happened. Only hearsay that is not provable. Because no one can verify the information. I heard the same stories about Mohawks in 1990, about the English left on the side of the road by a man that refused to serve an English speaking person. Heard things about the Jewish community. Same goes for those of African descent. Everyone was told go home. There were signs in some businesses in Montreal that stated No Dogs, no Black (The N word was used) and No Mohawks. Sick mentality.

This lack of rigid fact checking is not good for anyone. It creates a climate of fear and of distrust.

Since we are all immigrants to this land except for First Nation people. We imposed on laws on them without any respect. We invaded them killed them and converted them. It is not our land maybe that writer should take her own advice and go back home to her country of origin. Also those laws are foreign law like in France.

Stop copying what does not work and start thinking like a Canadian. As I said I do not agree with a woman wearing a Burqa or Niqab. I do not agree when a person lies and invents a story to create a prejudice and tensions. Show the women legal decision that state that a woman does not have to cover her face. Say that when she goes to Hajj her face needs to be uncovered. Stop a condescending attitude that is very similar to men telling me what to do.

Men have told these women to over cover men also told women to wear hats then no hats, then show your hair.... Men and men wannabee need to stop lying to create tension.