Friday, July 24, 2015


Nothing can stop Iran from developing nuclear bombs. Opposition is saying that the Kerry deal is useless, even dangerous. Very narrow minded, driven by politics and navel-gazing.

Given ten or fifteen years, the young people of Iran may choose to return to freedom. The women could choose to unburden themselves from their stifling black burkas and return to a civilized way of life. Those people will be more likely to want to be accepted into the free world and to enjoy the benefits of democracy.

Open the doors and windows and let the people of Iran breathe in the breezes of freedom. Only a fool chooses to live in prison and in darkness. Persia was a world centre of learning, art, architecture, science - a beautiful, rich culture.

Men who make themselves gods have tried hard to smother that flame with lies and fear. They teach children to love death. But I think the embers of life burn in the hearts of artists and those who dare to dream of a nation free from fanatics, a nation where men and women choose to live as equals and put their energy and their resources into creating poetry and art and developing business and building schools where children learn the truth about life and the world - a nation with no desire to destroy freedom - a nation that chooses life.  

Therefore, choose life.   Deuteronomy 30.19

Phyllis Carter

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