Friday, July 24, 2015



(Especially To those who are residing in Montreal ,Canada)

Hi, I am Mailane Bituin and I am 46 years old. I work in Chateau Westmount and has three kids back in the Philippines. I have big dreams for my kids, really really big dreams. But my biggest dream is for them to be with me here in Montreal, Canada. I thought I was almost close to achieving that dream, but a nightmare replaced that dream.
It all happened on a Thursday afternoon, June 25th around 1:15 pm. It was my day off from work and I thought I finally have a time to relax and pamper myself. I went out to visit a friend and get the groceries from her in Hampstead, Montreal, Canada.
After going there, I planned on going to the Cavendish Mall to check if I already have my salary on my bank account. Then the unexpected thing happened.
I crossed the pedestrian lane that's between Queen Mary Road stop light and Randall Road stop light to wait for the bus 161 going to Cavendish Mall. All the vehicles stopped and let me pass the road, but suddenly a green van, which is probably 5th on the row of cars that stopped to give way for me, came rushing on my left side, then everything went fast. 
The van hit me on my left side and the wheels hit my left foot. I fell off and my right hand hit the ground badly.
The owner of the van stopped and get off his vehicle. His age is between 20-25 years old, and he is wearing jeans and short sleeve shirt. I can't tell if he's a Russian or Canadian. All I remember is he's a white young guy.He looked at me and said something I wasn't able to remember but it's all about cursing and blaming me for what happened. Then, another driver shouted that it wasn't my fault and that they have stopped their cars for me to be able to cross the road.
The white guy, realizing his fault, went back and sped off his van, leaving me wounded and crying for help in the middle of the road.
Thanks to help of the people around, they carried me to the side of the road, called 911 and the police for help. I was rushed in Montreal General Hospital and found out that I have broken my ankles (which needed a major operation), bruises on my left lung, and that my fingers on the right hand and three of my ribs on the left are broken.
It's July 22nd now, almost a month after my worst nightmare and I still can't over with it. I'm suffering and almost dying from pains everyday; pain from the site of the operation(foot), pain from the bruises on my lungs and broken ribs, pain from my broken fingers and pain from realizing that I am not with my family through all these sufferings.
I pity myself everyday because I cannot work to provide for my needs and the needs of my family. I cannot do the usual things I do everyday, and it hurts me more that my family is seeing me on this situation.
I can't help but cry everyday. The narcotics are relieving the pain for just a few minutes.
The pain grows everyday and I realize I need to find justice for what has happened to me. So friends, I need your help in finding this man. One of the drivers that day had run and chased the green van but I wasn't able to get in touch with to know if he got the plate number of the suspect. I'm reaching out to you to find this man who chased the suspect or find the suspect himself. I know that social media is very powerful and it can make impossible possible. This guy should really pay for what he has done, so that it won't happen in the future anymore. He should learn his lessons.
I'm seeking for justice and i'm asking for your help to find these guy

God gave me another chance so this won't happen again.

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