Friday, July 24, 2015


Il y a des jours où j'ai honte d'être un homme. 
Non seulement honte d'être un humain, mais honte d'être un humain de sexe masculin. 
A headscarf to hang himself. There are days when I am ashamed of being a man.
Not only ashamed of being a human, but ashamed of being a human male.
At this time, in several countries, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia, Mali, Yemen, Fanatics Reduce women to slavery. In the villages conquered, it carries out the boys of more than 14 years and it uses of women as objects on which will be able to exercise sadism and avarice. All are humiliated, the youngest and the prettiest are sold, raped, resold, reviolées... Some are assisting each other to flee, other avalent of death to rats, others use their headscarf to hang on to...
Zainab Bangoura, Special Representative of the United Nations, has produced a report this week that I can't even bring the details here.
This brutality is a system. The enslavement of women serves the terrorist policy: It scares the populations to conquer, it finances the actions by the sale and resale of women, and it allows to recruit fighters in their promising the satisfaction!
What violence, what arrogance, what contempt are in the male to bring it to behave as well? Women have-they, only one time in history, assaulted men at this point?

I am ashamed. Of course, I have nothing done of such and never will, but as a man, I am ashamed.

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

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Selene Y said...

He is doing nothing hence he is ashamed. How does he treat women in his life. He can make sure his own country offers equal rights to women and equal pay for equal right.

It is disgusting to read what is happening to women who are Yezidi. My heart breaks each time a woman is kidnapped. I cannot go there to rescue any woman but I can write to my Member of parliament or to the UN

The men do this in the name of God however they are god wannabees. No religion speaks of sexual slavery and accepts it. Yet, many religions have done it in the name of this god. The god they talk about is a foreign god known only to sex abusers, rapist, kidnapper and evil men. These men are taking the name of God in vain and that is wrong.