Monday, July 27, 2015


You are a 79 year old bone cancer patient. It is 9:00 A.M. on a grey July morning. You are at home, fast asleep.

The phone rings. Even in your stupor, you know it is probably that East Indian telemarketer again, but the call could be from someone who needs you or a nurse calling with a medical report.

You get up slowly. You sit. You stand up
on the third ring. You move toward the phone on the fourth and fifth ring.

You lean toward the chair, toward the phone - and you lose your balance.

Your leg knocks the chair over, you fall over it and your shin smashes hard against the wooden edge.

You regain your stance and sit down on the sixth ring and you answer the phone.

Dial tone.

You get an ice pack from the freezer for your leg and you hope there won't be any complications.

And the East Indian telemarketer will call again and again and again and again.

You have reported the invader to the Quebec Police and the Montreal Police, but clearly they are helpless.

And the East Indian telemarketer will call again and again and ...


Selene Y said...

They call me also but they are from Indonesia and since they call for an American or Canadian firm they have a NO CALL REGISTRY you ask no DEMAND to be put on the DO NOT CALL LIST AND ADD THAT YOU WANT TO BE ON ALL THE LISTS.

I use to work in telemarketing and I am guilty of waking up people mostly on a Saturday morning. These jobs use to help students pay their rents and their classes at university. Now everyone is going to India or Indonesia salaries are cheaper. I tell them that these jobs were in Canada and give them the rate we were paid in Canadian money. Advise them that they should ask for a raise in salary. Then I DEMAND to be taken off their call list and that includes all companies they represent. If you do not get satisfaction get the name of the company or bank or service and call the company directly and DEMAND to be put on the NO CALL LIST it is good for 5 years. If they do not listen then get in touch with the CRTC and other government agencies that deal with business in Canada. Calls will stop

Phyllis Carter said...

It doesn't work. The caller says he is working for Microsoft and it is a lie. He is a hacker and well known to the authorities for years. My friend got caught by him and it cost her thousands of dollars to repair her computer and change all her bank accounts.There are many posts on Google about this. Microsoft says they can't stop him.