Monday, July 20, 2015

DYING FOR A CIGARETTE…/Amherst-doctors-tackle…/1
If smoking isn't allowed on hospital property, why are there so many butts? The regional hospital in St John, NB recently conducted a butt count and found 1600 of them. The plan is to ban smoking on hospital property soon.
There's been a similar ban in place for more than a decade at the regional hospital in Amherst, but they had to use shovels and rakes during a recent butt cleanup outside that hospital. What gives? What's the answer?


  • Phyllis Carter - When I was a cancer patient at a hospital in Ontario in winter, 1993, as I would approach the hospital for treatment, there was always a little group of white coats standing in the snow smoking by the hospital side door. Most of them were attached to intravenous poles. In Montreal, in the emergency department, I saw that hospital staff would gather a few psych. patients to take them outside to smoke. I challenged that and I was told it was the only way to keep them from becoming agitated and troublesome. This reminds me: When my husband was in intensive care following surgery for an aneurysm, the man in the next bed had just undergone surgery for lung cancer. All tied up in tubes and wires, he was screaming for a cigarette.

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