Saturday, June 4, 2016


Marc Ching with Linda Ching and 2 others at The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation.

Sherman Oaks, CA, United States ·

In Yulin, China, I am going on a frontal assault. 
Shutting down slaughterhouses. Shutting down restaurants that serve dog meat. I will be rescuing what I assume will exceed far over a hundred dogs. The number may even be into the hundreds.
We need help.
1) We need to connect with other groups who have local space to shelter the dogs. This means making contact, and getting local groups to commit. We do not need contact numbers, we need you to connect and work to get the committals for us.
2) I need two volunteer vets that have Visas and are willing to come with me to China. Many of the dogs we will be saving will have extensive injuries, and will require immediate on site attention.
During the festival, I am considering airing in different areas around the city videos of what I document undercover. In the aim to show the world and the people at the festival - the truths of what really happens behind these walls.
3) I need help finding a contact that lives in the Guangxi Province so that I can send my equipment and banners directly.
4) I need 2 to 4 drivers local to the area who are able to rent something like a large Uhaul to help transport the dogs.
Currently I am putting together a PSA featuring Matt Damon, Bill Maher, Orlando Bloom, Russel Simmons, and others - which we plan to air in China before the festival.
I will be buying ad space and paying to start online viral campaigns within the country. This PSA, it centers on raising awareness, and using the voices of those that people admire and respect to teach compassion. And to show the world that change is both real and possible.
5) We need help contacting small local media and online groups in China who would air the PSA.
I leave to Asia in 8 days, and there is just too much for me and my director Valarie to do by ourselves.
This trip, it will be the final journey into the mouth of darkness. The last stand. And if we can put the pieces into place, I promise you the effect we will have - it will be historical.
In life, we get one moment. One chance to really change the world. This is that moment. For people who want to help, research and work to connect the dots. Make calls. Build the road so that the message can cross. So that my hands can pull the dying out from darkness.
Updates: Five Ex-Special forces members from the UK just joined my team. Not only that, I am flying my ground team from Beijing into Yulin to help me.
On Monday, I meet with the top people from The Humane Society International. They reached out. If they choose to, I am publicly stating that I will join forces with them.
This is war. And when the sun sets and the blood starts to cover the floor, we have to be ready.
Change, it is possible. It is real. And it is right here, on the edge of that horizon. I believe - because hope is something worth believing in.
The Compassion Project.
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June 2, 2016

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