Tuesday, June 21, 2016


The local Police and officials are working hard at taking peoples phones away from them if they are taking pics of what is going on..It is getting very ugly as usual
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 The dogs are being transported to a shelter, where they'll receive immediate veterinary care..Courtesy post for HSI. The 2nd paragraph is what I know to be truth
Also, to hopefully to put the rumors to bed..HSI are assisting Marc with the rescues..HSI had contact with Marc before they all left to go to Yulin. HSI are also assisting Du Yu Feng and as HSI have stated they never put out over social media what their rescue plans are..that immediately places dogs/cats lives in jeopardy and also the lives of Activists. Unless people have actually attended places like Yulin it is impossible to get a handle on how dangerous it is and how careful you need to be. Been there, seen it and suffered the consequences. It is an evil place filled with corruption..undercover police and officials and traders that would rather see you dead than attempting to stop this brutal trade.

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