Saturday, June 4, 2016


Success! Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides End in Montreal

Horse-drawn carriages have been a cruel part of Montreal's history for centuries — until the National Animal Rights Association (NARA) of Canada stepped up by writing a Care2 petition to try and free these poor animals. The nice sounding clip clap of hooves on the streets of Montreal was not so "nice."
The horses were being forced to pull huge carriages in extreme weather while breathing in toxic fumes and dodging traffic. After long days, the horses were carted off to tiny stables with nowhere to roam on soft ground like they are meant to.
NARA knew this wasn't right, so they joined forces with Care2 members to give voice to the problem. The petition easily gathered nearly 77,000 signatures from passionate Care2 members. That's nearly 77,000 people who will not stand by while horses suffer injuries and disease just to humor people.
Thanks in part to those voices, Montreal has banned horse-drawn carriages for an entire year. During this time, they will reevaluate how the city monitors horses' well-being.
Care2 and NARA want to see the practice banned altogether, but we're declaring this one-year shut down a very big step in the right direction. We spoke out as a community, and we made enough noise to get the powers that be to reconsider.
Thanks to everyone who signed this petition to save these horses from a sorrowful life. To keep fighting for animal rights, you can sign and share other animal welfare petitions, or write your own!
Join your fellow Care2 users by learning how to create your own petition and make your voice heard today!

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