Monday, June 6, 2016


I find it odd that the same top Republicans who have been cozying up to Donald Trump – many of whom refused to condemn his divisiveness during the primary campaigns – are now criticizing him for his recent attack on a U.S. federal judge whose parents were Mexican. Could it be they're not really concerned about Trump's poisonous effect on America, but about his effect on Republican Party chances among Latinos in November?
"I am concerned about that," Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky – who has endorsed Trump -- said yesterday on Meet the Press when asked about Trump's attack on the judge.
House Speaker Paul Ryan -- just a day after announcing his endorsement of Trump -- said Trump's comment about the judge was "reasoning I don't relate to, I completely disagree with the thinking behind that."
On their minds is the fact that Republicans are defending 24 seats in the Senate this November, while holding a slim four-seat majority. And although they have a 58 seat majority in the House, many of those seats will be up for grabs of Trump keeps it up.
What do you think?
Top Republican officials and donors are increasingly worried about the threat Donald Trump's attack on a judge's Mexican heritage could pose to their party's chances in November -- and about the GOP's ability to win Latino votes for many elections to…

Phyllis Carter
DONALD TRUMP is the best friend the Clintons have. His clowning around is driving voters away from the Republican camp. I will not be surprised to hear that someone exposes a conspiracy between Trump and the Clintons to ensure her election because both parties fear Bernie Sanders.

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