Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I need your help. Two young girls were hanged from a tree after being gang raped in the fields outside their home in India and a minister from the ruling party responded by saying that rape "is a social crime ... sometimes it's right, sometimes it's wrong."
It's disgusting! But this isn't an isolated incident - caste hatred and a rape epidemic rage across India. I've been attacked in front of senior policemen and nothing was done. I know the system is totally failing India's women. But together I think we can change it.
My country's new leader ran on the promise of rebuilding the holy city, Varanasi, where he was elected, as a major tourist hub. If we build a millions-strong global call for the protection of women and plaster it all over Prime Minister Modi's city, he'll be forced to act to save his tourism plan.
An ad campaign like this has never happened before in India. But this is a national crisis and it requires drastic action. Let's join with an Indian movement to get urgent action to stop violence against women. Experts drafted the Womanifesto -- a common sense plan for urgently needed reforms to stop the rape epidemic. It covers law, policing, medical and psychological support, and crucially -- public education. Other major parties endorsed it, and now Modi must too!Sign now -- let's get two million people to demand protection for India's girls and women.
Alaphia Zoyab, Avaaz campaigner

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