Friday, June 10, 2016


Last week my 20 year old fridge quit on the hottest day. The spaghetti sauce suddenly bloomed with the most frightening green and white thing from Mars.
My oven quit about ten years ago, so I managed with a toaster oven and didn't complain. Too much bother.
But now, there was no choice. My place was upside down with pots and pans and boxes all over the place. I couldn't reach the toaster oven.
A substitute fridge was plugged in by the janitor in the hall. It was absolute chaos.
My grocer delivered an "emergency" rescue supply. It was really tough. I called KFC. I managed for days on sandwiches and water because I couldn't reach the coffee. I tossed almost everything from the fridge and freezer. Not sure about the eggs. Yes. They will have to go too.
How did I get through it? Calmly. Waiting.
And reminding myself from time to time how lucky I am to have a safe place to live and people who care and clean water (relatively clean? Mr. Mayor Denis Coderre) and enough strength - even at 80 with bone cancer - to wait it out for days - and the awareness of what life is like for refugees without clean water, a toilet, a safe place to live and caring friends.

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