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!Graphic Pictures!
Report from Life Channel - 28 March 2016 
#‎Wuhu police cracked a series of lethal cases of stolen dogs, in cold storage, the police seized up to 4,000 kilograms of frozen dog, the dog's guts had been hollowed out, and some had poisoned darts still stuck in them.... ..

Some live pictures may make you unwell, forgive me.
Fanchang sun town: stealing Dogs For Meat is too rampant!
Since last June, Fanchang County Sun Village police station received continuous reports from residents reflecting their own dog inexplicable disappearance.
The missing dogs were a variety of domesticated pet dogs.
Police involved in the investigation found, that dog thieves were very cunning, using cars for their crime, immediately after the transfer succeeded, making it difficult to find the whereabouts.
Until one night, cameras outside a factory, showed Labradors getting hit with poisoned darts before stumbling groaning to the ground!
And outside the factory, a car stopped & a man attempted to walk into the plant, but was seen by security guards & ran after taking the dogs ...
Police found the suspect's license plate number. Soon, they found the car in Tongling City caught dog thief who admitted since the beginning of April, 2003, he began wandering in Sun Village and other places, with lethal poison to steal dogs.
The suspect used a crossbow with infrared targeting capabilities, the use of a drug called "succinylcholine" extremely high hit rate, highly toxic, half a minute, the dog will limp, death!
Shocking! Seized four tons of frozen dog in the cold!
These dogs were sold to a cold storage business in Tongling City Gu Moumou.
Police were shocked with what they discovered in cold storage!
Almost all of the dog's body frozen into ice! These dogs had been gutted! Fur had not been peeled off!
Here are the dogs! There's Labrador, Husky, Collie various species!
Poisoned darts still remained in position! More police were deployed for the clean-up!
The suspect confessed that these dogs were frozen, for winter delivery to various restaurants, to obtain a better price!
Lethal poison is used on the dogs, this then flows into the human food chain!
Police took samples for testing. Samples were found to contain succinylcholine.
It is understood that succinylcholine is a drug that can cause bradycardia, cardiac arrhythmia, cardiac arrest, etc., can also cause human bronchospasm or anaphylactic shock and death.
Police stated that these drugs remain in the dog's body & succinylcholine, is very harmful to the human body.
At present, the suspect has been prosecuted. Next, the court will determine the sentencing for criminal acts!
#‎EndDogMeatTrade #AnimalProtectionLaws #China

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