Saturday, April 9, 2016


Please act immediately to stop thousands of dogs from being tortured and butchered for their meat.

Every aspect of the dog meat trade in Southeast Asia is horrifically cruel.
You can save thousands of dogs from unspeakable pain by adding your name to Soi Dog's global petition. It calls on Thailand's leaders to crack down hard on the criminals who profit from the agony of animals.
The trade's terrified victims, many of them family pets, are crushed into cages and suffer horribly on the prolonged journey to slaughter.
They are transported to primitive abattoirs that should be called torture chambers.
There, these poor animals are not just killed. Instead, they are often systematically and brutally beaten, skinned alive or boiled alive.
These horrors are inflicted because of the barbaric belief that when they are in pain, their bodies release adrenaline that softens their meat.
Terror, torture, then a painful death. This is quite possibly the worst form of cruelty humans could inflict on innocent animals.

You can put a stop to this. Add your name to the petition now.
In Thailand, this hideous industry is illegal. Most Thai people don't even know it is going on in their country – because dog meat traders are increasingly secretive.
Soi Dog is a charity that works with authorities on the ground in Thailand and other countries to flush out traders and care for rescued dogs.
The more social and political pressure we can put on dog meat traders, the more dogs will be spared. That's why we want the support of the highest levels of leadership, and why your name on the petition will really help.
Soi Dog and our partners have already managed to intercept trucks carrying the dogs to slaughter. The condition of the animals was heartbreaking.
There were terrified dogs crammed into each cage - packed on top of each other. Some had suffocated under the weight of the bodies above them. Others had horrible injuries – broken bones and ruptured internal organs. Some had open wounds or their paws ripped off. We know that trucks like these often travel for days, in sweltering heat, and that the dogs receive no water or food.
There's so much more to this story and so much you can do to help.
Please start by signing this important petition and sending it to as many people as possible.

By working with Thai police and government, Soi Dog has saved 1000's of dogs from death and brought dog meat traders to justice.

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