Friday, April 8, 2016


When you sponsor a child through World Vision, know this -

World Vision has many projects in many countries. You will be assigned a sweet little child of your own who needs help and who will send you cards and photos. 

World Vision does a lot of good work, but you should know this - YOUR CHILD IS PART OF A PROJECT. When the project is completed, you will be cut off forever from your child. 

World Vision will not allow you to continue any contact with the child you have sponsored for years. You will never see or hear from that child again. World Vision will do to you what they did to me and my little Etagegne Birhanu years ago. They will tell you to pick another kid to sponsor - like you might pick another dog when your beloved pet dies. 

Nothing you say or do will cause World Vision to allow you to make contact with your child again and the child and her family will not be allowed to contact you. It's a gimmick. Your child is a small piece of a project used to get your money - not a person.

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