Friday, April 15, 2016


"I won't share it because firstly it is horrific and the last thing I'd ever want is copycat acts. I also won't share it because this is not the China I know. 
A calf is cooked alive in China - the video we refuse to share - A film showing a calf cooked alive has shocked Chinese netizens - Animals Asia Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale explains why we won't share it.
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    Phyllis Carter
    Phyllis Carter - I understand why Dave Neale doesn't want to share the video of this horrible crime. But the only way to stop such atrocities is to make the world so sick, so upset, so angry, that every decent person will DEMAND JUSTICE , PUNISHMENT FOR THE GUILTY AND PROTECTION FOR THE ANIMALS. This happens every day in CHINA. Good people everywhere must KNOW and MUST ACT. I too know good Chinese people, but that does not mean that such atrocities should be hidden. To make the world see what Chinese people do to helpless animals, we are obliged to EXPOSE THE HORRIFIC TRUTH. When I see these pictures, I feel sick, sad, angry, and my soul cries out STOP THE CARNAGE. !

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