Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I want to make one thing very clear. We must not blame all Muslim people for the actions of the extremists, the murdering terrorists and the lunatics who destroy all good things and commit atrocities in the name of Allah. 

Through the centuries, people who called themselves "Christians" have committed atrocities. In the name of Jesus. 

Jews have committed atrocities even in our time. But I must state that these are rare and usually the actions of mentally defective people. 

We saw that Hutus and Tutsies cut each other limb from limb, but I don't think God had any part in that bloodbath. 

In China, people torture thousands of helpless animals, tearing their limbs and their flesh from their living bodies because, they say, their flesh tastes sweeter if they suffer before they die. 

Two-legged beasts can be found among good people anywhere on earth. Do not blame all the people for the actions of the deviants, the lunatics, the mentally defective, those who make themselves God. 

But be alert and responsible and identify the danger. Then deal with it appropriately.... severely.

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