Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Sarit Shatz
===הבנאליות של השטניות=== 
~~~קטע מתוך הסרט התיעודי "הנאצים השמחים"~~~
The video is narrated in English 
בשנת 2006 הגיע למוזיאון לזכר השואה בארצות הברית, מכתב ...
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===הבנאליות of השטניות===

~~ ~ an excerpt from the documentary "happy" re
The video is narrated in English 

In 2006, came to the museum in the United States Holocaust Memorial, which contained a letter from John was told that he was holding a photo album from Auschwitz. He asked to remain anonymous.

The album belonged to lşlyşw of Rudolf Hess, commandant of Auschwitz concentration camp. He was taken by an American Soldier During World War II.

Photos are not photos of holocaust horror pictures in them. We are so accustomed to - sometimes to the point of numbness who cannot endure the unthinkable. But of a resort, celebrations, community singing, companionship, ʻwlzţ male women daisies wʻlyẕwţ kşbmrẖq endless, only a few hundred feet away, up the crematorium smoke machine most effective destruction running at full steam.

Those photos are going top of the commanders of the master race.
Actually out of these photos of the "normal" human on all şmẖwţyh wẕẖwqyh, nybtţ hmẖlẖlţ horror all over Paris Hilton.

" the funny thing is a question that went to the gas chambers, did not ask for mercy. Because they knew that there is no mercy in Auschwitz. They asked that we remember them. Because no one wants to dive into the abyss of oblivion " Mean Regina Spiegel, survivor of Auschwitz.

‪#‎We‬ do remember.

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