Sunday, April 10, 2016


When our undercover investigators uncovered a cargo of hundreds of dogs crammed into crude cages and hidden deep in the jungle, the sight was simply impossible to take in.
James lay whimpering in one of the cages, his tiny body crushed by the weight of other dogs lying on top of him. All the dogs had been concealed deep in the jungle while barbaric butchers from the Asian dog meat trade waited for the signal to move them across the Mekong River to Laos and on to Vietnam by road. There, James and all the innocent dogs with him would be brutally tortured before being slaughtered for their meat. You can stop this unspeakable horror. Will you please visit
to join a growing movement of voices standing up for these suffering dogs? Dogs like James are usually pets, snatched from their homes because they are so trusting and will approach humans readily. These innocent animals sustain horrific injuries on their way to primitive slaughterhouses where they are then tortured - in the twisted belief that the adrenaline released by the dog's terror makes the meat more tender.
Fortunately for James, he escaped a fate so horrific it has become one of the largest animal welfare concerns in the world. Thanks to all those who have joined our campaign against this trade of shame, James and over 500 other dogs were rescued from that jungle.
Operations like this desperately need your support to continue. With the fight against the dog meat trade gathering momentum, will YOU take a stand for dogs like James? Will you visit to lend your support?
Thanks to people like you, thousands of dogs have been saved from the Asian dog meat trade. NOW WE NEED YOU. Will you keep the pressure on so that more dogs can be spared a fate worse than death? Visit to take action now. Because you have a voice, but dogs like James do not. Please speak up for them.

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