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Phyllis Carter - The English translation is a mess, but this young lady says she has leukemia and she needs a stem cell donation. She tells us she wants to live! If you have not yet registered as stem cell donors, you can get all the information online at

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Alle 16 Minuten erkrankt ein Mensch in Deutschland an Blutkrebs. Sie tragen das Mittel gegen…
„Ich muss mich mit dem Gedanken anfreunden, dass ich nicht mehr lange auf dieser Welt bin!"

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" I've got to me with the idea that I not for much longer in this world, I am!"
Please share: Gundi want to live!
" he who is on your own body has to learn how the complete life after the diagnosis " Leukemia " changed, comes with the question of whether he is to be the donor stem cells, only to a result: a clear " yes " and I want it now!!! My doctors told me that I am very rare tissue characteristics. The Global search for files in various stem cell donors so far had no success. In Plain language, it means that I am with the idea, not for much longer in this world to be.
But the hope i haven't given up yet. I beg you all those who are not yet registered as stem cell donors have catch up soon Maybe I have it, the chance of a suitable donor to find and the hope, the blood cancer to defeat!!!
Thank you, gundi "
Gundi is separate physical therapist with a private practice in‪#‎Munich‬. In her spare time she likes to bike ride, swim in lakes, hiking in the mountains, makes love to Qigong and taiji, reads a lot and enjoy the Munich cultural scene. But since the diagnosis blood cancer is in all of this has ceased to think.
If you have not yet registered as stem cell donors, you'll get all the easy online at We'll send you our registration set with Q-Tips. With these are you doing a buccal mucosa swab and send back to us all. The only way we can, if you examine the lives of gundi or that of other patients can save her.

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