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Alexis Colon arrest 1

Alexis M. Colon, 26 (Mahanoy City Police Department)
MAHANOY CITY, Pa., — A Paterson man remained held Tuesday after he was arrested wearing what investigators believe was a stolen Passaic County Sheriff's uniform in Pennsylvania, authorities said.
Alexis M. Colon, 26, identified himself a sheriff's officer, gave false names to police and was carrying a BB-gun that looked like a real handgun, the Mahanoy City Police Department said.
Colon allegedly followed a Mahanoy City police car late Thursday night, beeping his horn and flashing his lights to get the officer to pull over, WNEP-TV reported.
"Mr. Colon got out of his vehicle and identified himself as a sheriff from New Jersey," Patrolman TJ Rentchler, the arresting officer, told the station. "He said he was robbed, and he wanted to make a report to law enforcement."
Police used a fingerprint scanner to determine Colon's real name, the department said.
Alexis Colon arrest 2Alexis M. Colon, 26, was arrested wearing a Passaic County Sheriff's Office uniform, police said. 
Colon admitted he wasn't an officer after police asked him for the sheriff's office phone number to confirm his identity, Rentchler said,according to a report.
The bogus lawman claimed he put on the sheriff's uniform while searching for the person who robbed him earlier, the newspaper reported, citing police.
Passaic County Sheriff Richard H. Berdnik said investigators suspect the uniform was stolen and "would not rule out" additional charges in New Jersey.
"The impersonation of a law enforcement officer is a serious and disturbing crime," Berdnik said in a statement. "Criminal activity of this nature erodes the public's ability to trust that those who say they are police officers, are actually enforcing the laws, not breaking them."
Records show Colon was being held at the Schuylkill County jail, unable to post $50,000 bail. He scheduled for a Sept. 18 preliminary hearing to face charges including, impersonating an officer, tampering with evidence and giving false information to law enforcement.
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