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In our blind love for democracy - the power of the masses of common people - are we allowing numbers to overtake common sense? 

Today, we see swarms of millions of Muslim people entering democratic countries all over the world. With the sick, the poor, the fearful, the innocent, there can be no doubt that sleeper spies and terrorists and killers are passing into our homelands with the absolute intention of forcing Sharia law on every nation at all cost. They have made no secret of their intentions. But "nice" bible thumping Christians and well-intentioned democratic people are supporting their entry into our countries with inspection and investigations to follow after the barn door is closed. 

We see every day that those powers are already trying to force their Sharia laws into our societies, and "nice" people are demanding that the rights of the Islamists be respected in our homelands. The evidence is there for all to see.

Is Trump right?  No, He is a dangerous bigot and a tyrant. But even the worst liars are right some of the time and, because we live in a time where news is open to almost everyone, there is no excuse for wearing blinders. The truth is evident. We are in real danger, now. Our rights, our freedoms, our traditions and customs, even our lives are in real danger.

Do not blame your Muslim friends and neighbours for this impending danger. But recognize the reality of what you see every day. There are dangerous people entering our countries right now.

Do not bow to Sharia law.
Do not let "nice" people blind you to the real danger.

In World War II, the world was not fully aware of what was happening in Nazi Germany and fascist Europe. Radio and newspapers provided delayed, fragmented reports. Today, we see the truth on TV minutes after an atrocity has been committed anywhere on earth. We cannot make excuses. We can all see what is happening.

This is not a time to be "nice". It is a time to provide the necessities of life to genuine refugees while screening the masses BEFORE letting them enter our homelands. 

We must protest any efforts to impose Sharia law or Islamic customs.

Do not allow anyone to abuse women and children or sacrifice animals. 

Do not tolerate child marriages - the rape of children - or "honour killings" - the most dishonourable of atrocities committed in the name of the Islamists' version of God - a god who loves cruelty and death.

Do not allow the authorities or anyone else to suppress freedom of religions in your town, in your city, in your country, in order to accommodate the new immigrants' desires to impose Sharia law.

I offer the following report from Justice Mini Guy for your consideration: 


Phyllis Carter

You haven't seen this on the CBC or CNN, have you?  So do you want to ignore it then?  Folks, this is happening here, on our planet, in the new millennium (remember that one?).  We had such great hopes for the future.  We were planning to spread prosperity, education, democracy around the globe for the benefit of all mankind.  We were on the verge of wiping out hunger and diseases.  Many of us wanted to save the animals of the planet.  We expected to make sure that the good earth was replenished with fresh water, clean air.  And what did we get?  A return to the middle ages, the thugs of humanity taking over the world (oh yes, piece by piece).  With 8 years of Obama, when you get a handful of kidnapped western types in return for the nuke, you say "thank you, so good to be negotiating with nice folks who are reasonable and rational … ".   When Sharia police are a welcome sight in the heart of Germany.  United Nations organizations overtaken by the autocratic theocrats who sit and bluster at microphones at the expense of humble taxpayers.
And the promise for the future: Justin in Canada and maybe, who? … Hillary for 4? 8? years?  It only took one man to collapse Europe in the 1930s and 1940s.  It's taking a mere handful to collapse the global democratic institutions that were so hard come by; our forefathers left their blood in the sand to secure a safe world for mankind.  Democracy has a built-in flaw: it is designed to let the masses be led around by the noses, to allow ordinary folks, without a clue as to what "change" means to choose its own leadership based on the principle of self-destruction. 
What we do see on the CBC is their concern that some groups might be demonstrating against Sharia Law in Quebec, like this:

Led by such groups (associated with Jaggi Singh) that stormed a Montreal university and would not allow an Israeli leader to exercise his right to free speech, the pro-Islam story is the focus of the interest of the CBC and such-like media folks.   Racists are calling protestors racists: western governments are protecting terrorists in the name of freedoms.  Your world has been turned upside down and you haven't noticed because you have been distracted by "grilled cheese" or Chelsea.

Are you watching?  Are you prepared?  It's already here!  The mayor of Montreal is on the same side as Jaggi Singh*:  Le groupe Pegida n'est pas le bienvenue à Montréal. Des groupes de ce genre n'ont pas leur place ici. Tout extrémisme est inacceptable.    
*Wiki – sample

2000: In October 2000, he was arrested at a G-20 protest in Montreal, and charged with "participation in a riot", and illegal assembly and mischief.

2002: On September 9, 2002, he participated in a protest against a speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu which was to be presented by the pro-Israel Hillel club at Concordia University, with support from the Asper Foundation.

2003: In January 2003, Singh was deported by Israeli authorities after having gone to the West Bank on an invitation from the International Solidarity Movement.

Justice Mini Guy

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