Thursday, January 28, 2016


Montreal newspaper glorifies stabbing attacks against Israelis

On November 22, 2015, Israeli citizens and IDF soldiers foiled a stabbing attack committed by 16 year old Ashraqat Taha Ahmed Qatanani resident of Nablus. A driver who noticed the Palestinian female teenager trying to stab Israelis with a kitchen knife rammed his vehicle into the terrorist.
Talking to Hezbollah's Al-Manar website, Taha Al-Qatanani, father of Ashraqat and an operative of the terrorist organization the Islamic Jihad, said that he gave her the name "Ashraqat Palestine" (meaning Palestine has shined) "after her martyrdom" adding that "she inherited the love of the resistance [euphemism for the terrorist organization Hezbollah] and the love of Sayyed [Hassan] Nasrallah [leader of Hezbollah] from me."
Al-Manar website reported that "Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah phoned the Palestinian martyr Ashraqat al-Qatanani's father to congratulate him on the martyrdom of his young daughter."
The bi-weekly magazine Sada al-Mashrek is printed in Montreal and distributed for free in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton and Windsor. Its co-founder and editor is Hussein Hoballah (حسين حب الله) and the editorial board included in 2013 Hussein Yusuf (حسين يوسف), Ali Hassan Sabiti (علي حسن سبيتي) and Khadija Abu Abduallah (خديجة ابو عبد الله).
Sada al-Mashrek's representatives were Ahmed Harish (أحمد هريش) in Ottawa (Tel. 613.262.0060), Ibrahim Yassin (ابراهيم ياسين) in Toronto (Tel. 416.543.9513), Hassan Harb (حسن حرب) in Hamilton (Tel. 905.746.7932) and Ali Awad (علي عواد) in Windsor (Tel. 519.992.9929). The head office is located at 5201 Rue Jean Talon East Montreal Quebec H1S 1K8.
The editorial Sada al-Mashrek (Issue 412, December 1, 2015, P. 1) was dedicated to Ashraqat Qatanani a.k.a Ashraqat Palestine. The following are excerpts of the editorial (originally in Arabic):
"The extent of the Zionist crimes… is gravest and more heinous than [the crimes committed] in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria, Paris and Beirut. That's why a new [Palestinian] generation rebelled and the [Israeli] occupation is unable to prove its connection to any of the Palestinian forces.
"[The new generation] rebelled in order to redirect the compass of the conflict towards the original issue and to remind the world that the source of the problems in the region is the [Israeli] occupation and that the inflicted injustice on the people of Palestine is resulted in creating a feeling of rage, ire, suffering of seeking refuge, deprivation, poverty, destitution and humiliation that creates people who are ready to join any raging Takfiri [Sunni Muslim who accuses another Muslim of apostasy] group [implying mainly to ISIS] which takes advantage of their feelings and direct them to channels which do not serve whatsoever their just cause.
"The 16 year old Palestinian teenager, Ashraqat Taha Qatanani (اشرقت طه قطناني), is a role model to this generation that is proud of the muqawama [Hezbollah] in Lebanon… and affiliates itself psychologically and intellectually with the leadership which brings about, by people like them, the dignity and the victory even with modest capabilities such as hurling stones, stabbing, running over or any other modest action.
"Nevertheless, these actions express will and determination to resist the [Israeli] occupation and sincerity and dedication that derive them [the new Palestinian generation] to the death at the prime of their youth that projects freshness, vitality and love of life.
"The name Ashraqat contains wonderful connotations and meanings suggesting that the sun of Palestine will rise again… Ashraqat is a sufficient and appropriate answer to whom it concerns that the [Israeli] occupation is in its way to disappear. Ashraqat was killed by the fire of the [Israeli] occupation but the glimmer of hope for freedom was not lost because of the spirit of Ashraqat as a tribute for Palestine."
According to the Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairsfrom September 13, 2015 to January 27, 2016 the number of people murdered in the Palestinian terrorist intifada reached 30 and 291 people were injured (26 of them seriously). The Palestinian new wave of terrorism included 113 stabbings, 39 shootings and 22 car rammings in addition to firing rockets (from Gaza), detonating explosive charges, and many thousands incidents of stone throwing and firebombings.

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