Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Andrea Sporkert shared WildAware's photo.

Pigs, chickens etc ~ their bodies are ripped of their feathers over and over again until they are unable to produce anymore ~ then they're either thrown away to die or used in food production ~ "Geese raised for down do not have a painless life. They ones who are raised for down are live-plucked numerous times in their life. Some places that practice this will pluck the geese the first time when they are ten weeks old and then every six weeks thereafter, sometimes up they are four years old.

This procedure is extremely painful for the animal. Birds, including ducks and geese, do have pain receptors in their skin from which the feathers are plucked. Studies indicate that the heart rate and behaviors of the animals clearly indicate that having their feathers plucked causes both pain and distress. It like having your finger nails ripped out over and over again.

Imagine having your finger nails pulled out, one by one. Now imagine having this done every couple months for four years.

It's not like these animals are raised for food and the feathers are the end by product. There are actual farms which do nothing but raise geese solely to pluck their feather to sell to manufactures that produce down jackets, pillows or comforters. Will you sleep well tonight?

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