Sunday, January 24, 2016


Started by Wanda Bird
Petitioning: Stefan F. Heidenreich – Beiersdorf CEO
I didn't have a clue that one of my favourite beauty products – the Q10 cream produced by Nivea – is responsible for so much suffering.
Animals such as mice, rabbits, monkey and dogs are forced to undergo painful and never ending tests in Nivea laboratories in an attempt to make the products safer and more commercially appealing.

Nivea boasts to own products that are revolutionary and that will turn back the time on your skin once used. What Nivea doesn't tell us is the fact that all of these alleged ground breaking results have been obtained while testing on animals, which, in my view, is truly unacceptable.

Modern medicine has allowed researches and scientists to develop new methods to improve and truly achieve greatness. Animal testing is a painful and archaic procedure that should be a thing of the past.
Why is Nivea refusing to move on and still allows such inhumane tests to be carried out?

As a fan of Nivea products, I am deeply disappointed in their attitude and ethics. I truly hope change can be brought to this terrible situation. The plight of these animals needs to come to an end.

Please help me get Nivea to acknowledge their wrongdoings and get them to stop these needless tests. Ask the German behemoth to invest more in the R&D field and come up with truly innovative methods to check the quality of their products, methods that do not involve animals.

Sign and share if you support my petition. Thanks a lot!
PS. Please don't buy anymore Nivea products from now on. Let's hit them where it hurts the most: revenues and bad publicity. 
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NOTE: I am sharing this report for public interest, but I do not know if 
the photo of the poor dog has anything to do with Nivea labs.

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