Saturday, January 30, 2016



Hanoi, Vietnam ·

There are no words to describe what it is like to hold a tortured life in your arms. To have them take their last breath, and exhale every piece of darkness inside of them. To feel their blood stain your flesh. To have their screams tattoo itself across your chest.
There are a lot of people who do not understand my purpose. A lot of people who do not understand who it is that I am.
People say for every dog I rescue, another dog takes its place. People say I should work to shut down farms, to go about things in a different way.
But for each farm you shut down, the same argument can be made - a new one comes up. There will always be dogs for the meat trade as long as the trade exists.
I venture into darkness. I go directly into slaughterhouses. I stare death in the face because I believe its awareness that will bring an end to this brutal practice. I believe its people seeing dogs hanging off of walls. People seeing dogs burned alive and crucified, that this is how the trade will end.
We all play our own role. We all do our own part. To those who are vegan, I am vegan too. A life is a life. A cow. A pig. And if I could, I would work to rescue each and everyone of them. But I cannot. All I can do is change the world in the way that I understand in my own heart.
How I do what I do, I go undercover as a dog meat buyer for the meat trade. I see things no one else sees. I see terror. I see darkness. I see pillage. I see rape.
I am the voice for the voiceless. I bring awareness by sacrificing my name. I do this, because I believe that awareness is the only way. I believe that once people see the darkness. That once they smell the stench that burning a dog alive leaves upon your skin - that the world will no longer stand for it.
The dogs I save, the dogs I pull from that bloody grave - they would die without me. When I leave, I sit and pray that the blood I bled through my skin. That the words I push through the tip of my pen. That the videos and pictures I take, that it will move hearts and souls in the greatest way.
I believe I am change. I believe that my foundation rests on the edge, and that through the tears I shed - the end is not far away.
The dog in this video. He died. They hung him by a noose. Beat him with metal sticks. And before he breathed his last breath, they cut off all his feet as he screamed out in agony. They tortured this dog because they believe that it makes whom ever eats the meat, that much stronger.
Awareness. It is the only way.
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