Friday, January 29, 2016


2000 years ago, it was camels and ships that brought about the trading communication between the Oriental and the Western along the Silk Roads. Today, it is the systematic road network that speeds up the trading along the "Belt and Road" countries.
Roads and bridges constructed by China's enterprises push forward economic development and link trading communication between regions along the "Belt and Road". In the south of Kazakhstan, a China's construction company is extending an 8000km road to link West Europe and West China, which will sharply shorten the travelling time of logistics inducstry. In Bangladesh, Chinese technicians are building a bridge over dPadema River which will connect the capital with 21 regions in the south Bangledash. The bridge is estimated to pull up the GDP by 1.2%.
Besides the real roads, Chinese communication companies have also helpe open up a high-speed networking traffic and covered 55 cities with 4G network in Pakistan.
What do the roads and bridges bring about to the local people? To what extent the roads and bridges improve economy of "Belt and Road" countries? What change did the 4G network bring to the Pakistan? Do you know the name of the link between west Europe and China?
Follow our reporter Ouyang Xiadan in CCTV's special coverage of the Belt and Road, as we use big data to explain the stories from countries along the Belt and Road.

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