Thursday, January 28, 2016


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Andrea Sporkert - This dog is in Bukarest/Romania ... He is in front of a Shop , sleeping on the cold floor ! The woman who posted this picture is asking for help if someone wants to adopt this dog.

Romania is full of stray dogs.... I only saw it on videos but I can say I have never seen so many dogs abandoned in the streets... Not in Spain or Italy when I was living there...and they also have a problem with stray dogs

Phyllis Carter -  It is a huge tragedy and, as far as I know, the public in North America never hears about it. Could you write a short piece in English that I could share? Just describe the problem naming people and places. I will fix any grammar problems if that would help you get the message across.

Andrea Sporkert - Romania always had a big problem with stray dogs and some years ago it happened that a little boy was killed by dogs.... They said it was a pack of strays.... But it was NOT true, the dogs who killed the boy had been guard dogs)... So because of this the government says: "Catch all the strays and kill them !!!" For every dog they catch they would get 50€uros.... And you can Imagine how much money it is for these poor people that earn 300€ a month.....

Now it is a BIG Business making money catching dogs, They steal even dogs out of the garden of their owner....They bring them to the shelter where the dogs are Killed in a really cruel way. They beat them to death Some are killed by injections with old motoroil or burn them.....

The dogs have 14 days to be adopted  BUT in some shelters they don't let

people in to adopt them and they leave the dogs without food and water so 

they die

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