Friday, January 29, 2016


Robert Reich
 Donald Trump staged his own event last night to compete with the Fox News debate he refused to attend because Fox didn't back down on moderator Megyn Kelly's participation. Trump's event – really a rally, punctuated by supporters' chants "USA! USA!" -- was telecast by Fox News's competitors CNN and MSNBC.
Trump is not just a bully and bigot who has fueled hate against African-Americans, Latinos, and Muslims, as well as the British, French, and Belgians, among others. He's also an authoritarian demagogue whose personal drive to display power, exert control, demonize enemies, and dominate others run counter to the values of a democratic society. In my view, Trump poses the single greatest threat to our governing institutions any major candidate for president has posed in American history.
Last week I provided you a list of reasons why Ted Cruz may be even more dangerous on the issues, but I believe Trump's fascistic temperament would be more dangerous in the Oval Office. That the Republican Party has produced two such figures who are now leading Republican polls is a shocking commentary both on the current GOP and on its followers.
What do you think?
Phyllis CarterPhyllis Carter - God help America - and the world- if Trump is elected. There will be wars such as we have not seen before. The environment will be poisoned. He will turn people against each other. Scare tactics? I don't think so. We are confronted with a rich and powerful fanatic who is so arrogant that he is not afraid to show everyone what he is. And still the fools support him - as they did Hitler.

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