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11 Year-Old College Freshman Carson Huey-You Studies Quantum Physics at Texas Christian University
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11 year-old college freshman Carson Huey-You (photo via
In this day and age, 11-year olds don't usually go to college. But it's those who break the rules that get the most recognition.
Carson Huey-You is amazing and brilliant. The young prodigy was accepted to Texas Christian University at the age of 10, where he chose to study the difficult field of Quantum Physics. In case you've never heard of Quantum Physics, it is defined as: The study of the behavior of matter and energy at the molecular, atomic, nuclear, and even smaller microscopic levels.
The young student speaks Mandarin Chinese fluently, and got 1770 on his SAT. He is also a very good piano player, among other things. He was so young that he wasn't able to actually apply to the school online. It turns out that the software would not allow applicants to state that they were born in the year 2002.
The child is expected to be a college graduate by the age of 16, which would make him a year younger than the youngest graduate the school has ever had. ''I'm taking calculus, physics, history and religion. Those are my four classes,' Huey-You told CBS DFW.

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