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Phyllis Carter

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Dear Friends of Israel,
As Hillary Clinton's emails have gradually been released by the State Department, it has come to light that her major source of information about Israel is a long-time Israel critic Sid Blumenthal and his Israel-hating son Max.
Sid was barred from the Obama White House due to his murky past. Hillary Clinton, however, gave him a $10,000 a month job at the Clinton Foundation, from where he has secretly been providing the former Secretary of State his skewed advice and often false information about the Jewish State and the American Jewish community.
More shocking still were Sid Blumenthal's attempts to feed Hillary Clinton toxic analysis of Israel from his son Max, a self-declared "anti-Zionist" and an avid supporter of the anti-Semitic BDS movement. Max revoltingly compares Israel to Nazis and calls for the removal of Jews from their land to make room for a Palestinian state.
But Hillary Clinton – the Democratic Party's front-runner for this nation's highest office – sees none of this as worthy of condemnation. In fact, she's consistently praised both Blumenthals.
That is simply unacceptable.
Friends, I urgently need your help to raise $37,500 to place a full-page ad in The New York Times and call on Mrs. Clinton to disassociate herself from Sid and Max Blumenthal.
Israel-haters have no trouble getting free publicity. Unfortunately, friends of Israel have to pay steep fees to advertise in visible publications like The New York Times. Help us defend Israel by alerting the 1.3 million readers of The Times to Hillary Clinton's troubling judgement.
Thank you for your generosity,
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
Executive Director, The World Value Network

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