Friday, August 7, 2015


"The police were right on their rear, bumped their tail a little bit, and the car flew up into the air," an eyewitness to the horrifying police chase recounted. "When the car hit them, both of them just looked at me - it keeps re-playing in my head"
Detroit police continued a high speed chase even after two children were struck and killed. As they continued the chase, three more children were struck because of the officers' reckless actions. These three were seriously injured as well.
A witness reports that the police "there was no need for the police to be that close. I yelled 'WATCH OUT' but it was too late. When the car hit them, both of them just looked at me. They screamed. It just keeps re-playing in my head."
The police are blaming the driver who was fleeing, but the eye-witnesses say that the police rammed the driver into the kids.
She said she heard tires squeal. That would indicate that the car hit their breaks. But the chase was at too high of a speed for the driver to control the vehicle once hit. The police never bothered to stop to help any of the children hit.
The police say they only "tapped" the bumper, but all eyewitnesses make it clear that this caused the vehicleto go further out of control. All eyewitnesses agree that it was the police who caused these children to be hit, ramming into the vehicle and running over the children in the process.
A candlelight vigil was held for the children on June 25th, but the mainstream media has not seen it fit to cover this case of blatant police abuse.
Detroit Police Chief Craig, for his part, has changed the "official" police narrative of these events no less than three times! The local news is going with whatever he says, even when it contradicts both eye-witnessaccounts, and the earlier versions of the police narrative.
One of the passengers in the car that was being chases is also in serious condition. Another bystander, an adult named LaKendra Hill, 22, sustained injuries to her leg.
"I ran down there, I yelled out their names, but they were gone. Makiah's eyes were wide open, they died on impact," a witness told Voice of Detroit.
The local news source reports that, "it appeared the car dragged the children part way down the street, the friend said. But the police car did not stop the chase even then. They continued until the car being chased ran across the front lawns of homes in the next block, and crashed into the driveway of one, hitting children and adults there as well. Then police finally put the Jackson children in their car to take them to the hospital."
At the vigil, a local religious leader, Evangelist Stephenson,  said "We want no more chases. We're going to fight back. You aren't going to fight these battles no more by yourself. We are coming together to help both these families heal."
Candice Paschall asked a reporter from Voice of Detroit: "Isn't it against the law for them to pursue their chase when children are there? They need to enforce that. There's no telling how many innocent bystanders are getting hurt and dying. It's about the kids, not the police and the people they're chasing. This is getting out of hand."
(Article by M. David and Shante Wooten)

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