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So sorry but i have no time at the moment to help you on this . Good luck with everything;) 

Valérie Assouline

Aug 16, 2015

Hello Mme. Assouline,

Norman Ssuggested I contact you. He tells me you are doing good things for people. 

I am a 79 year old Canadian journalist, widow, cancer patient and, thanks to the Montreal Police, I am a crime victim. 

I have been pleading for justice in my case day and night since I was attacked and robbed in my home at 4995 Prince of Wales, NDG, Montreal
, on October 7, 1996 - with the help of a Montreal Police officer. 

These crimes have cost me my family, my health and every precious thing I had worked for and received as gifts from loved ones all my life. 

Since the Montreal Police refused to take any legal action, the thieves went on to steal everything my father had laboured for all his life - his home, his life's savings, everything that he had designated for his heirs specifically by name in his own will. 

The thieves made a will in my mother's name when she was in her 90's and physically and mentally handicapped and completely under their control. 

My mother did not sign that will. But the thieves took everything.

The detailed reports are open to the world on my blogs. If I have said or published anything that is not absolutely true, why has no one sued me in all these years? I am always available to take a polygraph test and I will even pay for it myself if necessary.

The thieves have tried to intimidate me, discredit me and silence me, but I fight on.

Everyone says my rights were violated but everyone - at all levels of government - says "This is not in my jurisdiction." 

In Canada, justice is in nobody's jurisdiction. 

I am searching for that one honourable person who will actually bring justice to me and to my family. 

More than 214,000 people around the world have read my reports, but there is still no justice
 for victims of the Montreal Police.

Like Diogenes, I keep searching for that one honourable person who has the courage and the unflinching determination to bring us justice. 

This struggle for justice has been the focus of my life for almost two decades. In spite of the toll this battle has taken on my life, 
my health, I will never give up. 

I don't have money and I don't want money
. I am offering a $5,000. reward. 

I don't want any kind of "compensation". 

I want every precious thing Dawn McSweeney and those she calls her "partners in crime" have stolen from me and from my family. I want what is our own. I want to see the criminals punished. Our precious belongings are somewhere. I will keep searching and reporting to my last breath.

I live to see justice. I am tired, and sick and worn, but determined to see justice done. I have kept meticulous records and I could prepare and present my own case anywhere, anytime. Just get me a wheelchair and a helping hand and I will make my case before any authority who will listen and care enough to do what is right.

All I get is excuses. "This is not in my jurisdiction", over and over and over again through the days, weeks, months and years and then someone talks about statutes of limitation and human rights organizations tell me I am "too late for justice". There must be no limit to justice! So I fight on and on.

I demand justice. I am living for justice.

Are you the person I have been searching for?

I will not spend one cent to get justice, but I will pay a $5,000. reward to the person who gives me and my family what belongs to us.

Phyllis Carter

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