Sunday, August 30, 2015


During recent days, CYCI has been the target of accusations and scrutiny founded on poor journalism and lack of proper research. We have also seen deep activities of corruption within groups that claim to protect this oppressed religious group that are the Yazidis. I would like to publicly address the issues around this and make it known that CYCI has nothing to hide.
- First and foremost, I believe it to be a reckless request from the so called Yazidi representatives to demand CYCI for proof that would compromise our channels because identifying the victims is going to, by extension, identify the brokers that give us this unparalleled access to these victims and result in compromising our mission and our future ability to continue its execution.
- The allegations made are astonishing considering all the good will seen by CYCI, its volunteers and its avid supporters. This seems to hint of resentment at the success and not representative of a true expression of skepticism.
- We call on VICE News/VICE to get into contact with Non-Yazidi organizations (such as the International Committee of the Red Cross) to whom we will disclose evidence without further publication. Once this evidence is deemed satisfactory, we will ask Vice News to retract or edit its previous unfounded statements.
- VICE News has reported about a letter calling on CYCI to stop taking donations until it proves that it is doing what it claims. Let it be known that Vice decided to report about a letter that was not signed by any of its claimed participants. The letter had no official letterhead either. Basically, we received a letter lacking proper form with defamatory statements not based on facts but on assumptions.
- A cease and desist letter has been issued as our response. CYCI will not deal with pressure groups - we will deal only with authorities who have jurisdiction in the matter.
- A bigger disappointment was when The Times of Israel, a reputable national newspaper, took this same information directly from Vice News and without verifying the sources or veracity, published it. Times of Israel should be ashamed of the poor ethics and for not going to the bottom of the story before publishing it to its readers.
- JTA (author of the article published on Aug 29th 2015 entitled "Yazidi leaders demand 'Jewish Schindler' prove he's saving people) owes his readers an apology and The Times of Israel should apply stricter reporting rules to its publishing.
- We also modestly suggest that JTA simply google the credentials of Sean Moore (JTA has published that it could not verify those but Sean Moore's press card is of public access and basic research could have covered the issue). They have been published on our page by many individuals that decided to conduct their own (proper) research. Maybe Eliav Sharvit, in light of the professional reporting he conducted, can help guide JTA towards a better understanding of a journalist's responsibilities.
- Let it be clear that if any government, being that of Canada, of Iraq, of the United States or any other, demands information, CYCI will be glad to provide every piece of documentation it possesses. Should the President of Iraqi Kurdistan – Masoud Barzani – wish to discuss the details of the mission with me, I will gladly oblige. We ask that proper contact be made from the proper authorities.
- We have been clear about the fact that all of CYCI liberations are documented, including fingerprints and detailed statements from the victims. Everything is photographed and we have footage of every liberation we conduct. If any governing body wishes to have access to this confidential information, I invite them to contact us and we will disclose everything.
Sean Moore, who is completely unaffiliated with CYCI, is on the ground and has himself witnessed liberations and seen these women and children to safety. 
Amy L Beam is on the ground seeing the refugees arrive at camp base after months of captivity. She is there attesting also to the work of CYCI.
The question you have to ask yourselves if who should you believe? Activists and humanitarians dedicating their lives to these peoples fates or certain government officials and affiliates that work from offices and airplanes? CYCI will not answer to a group of people that decided or not to put their names on a piece of paper. Any official question issued by an authority will be quickly addressed. I have nothing to hide but will continue protecting the integrity of the mission and the privacy of those involved.
Thank you to all of our supporters and to the volunteers that have sacrificed so much to help this cause. Nothing goes unnoticed by The One above.
Thanks to all,
Steve Maman

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