Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Norman Simon shared his post.

Just back from a very productive brunch meeting with The Honourable Irwin Cotler MP. We discussed my Jerusalem world peace event for 2017. He was extremely enthusiastic about it and promised to help if he could. heart emoticon
Mr. Cotler is a close friend of Israel's. He has children and grandchildren living there, as do I. He is Canada's former Minister of Justice and probably Canada's most renowned human rights activist.

  • Phyllis Carter - When Mr. Cotler had the power to help me, he brushed me off. He might be a friend of Israel, but he does not have my respect.

  • Isaac Shanfield - Sorry about that, Phyllis!!

  • Celine Leduc  - Sorry to hear that Phyllis I worked with him on his dossier to recoup money and land lost by Jews from the Arab world. Found him a dedicated man to his cause and to Jews from the Arab world. Cool photo Norman way to go. like emoticon

  • Phyllis Carter -  Cotler, like most politicians does things that might help others, but he does them for his own glory. Helping a woman who had been attacked and robbed with the help of a Montreal Police officer was not worth his time. I have contempt for glory seekers. If they happen to do some good along the way, at least someone might benefit. For example, take the Shriners. They do wonderful work healing children who suffer from bone diseases and burns. But underneath the facade, they are the Freemasons, and only the chosen few - 32nd degree upward to unknown numbers - know what they do - the power they have in the courts - wink-wink - handshake - in governments, in business, in the military. People see the surface.They don't want to see what lies beneath. They don't want to know the truth. It is pleasant to pose for pictures with the stars. The truth is often painful. So shut up, lady.

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