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This is a post of Canon's Andrew White's facebook page dated August 19th, 2015.


As many of you will be aware a lot of our time recently has been spent looking after refugees and internally displaced people. The ISIS/DA'SH onslaught in Iraq has left many of the Christian and Yazidee community massacred, or homeless. What is almost worse is that many of the women and girls have been kidnapped and are living as sex slaves. Getting them back is a highly c omplex and painful venture.

On the ground it is a highly complex and dangerous venture. Negotiations are a highly complex. It has literally been a life and death issue. There is no way these women will ever be got back without this process. Sadly this whole issue can only be dealt with a price. The so-called negotiators are the people who will negotiate the deal with those holding the hostages. Unlike the Sudanese hostage crisis when it was clearly perpetuated by people paying for hostages in this situation there are no more He established Christians or Yazidees that can be taken they have already taken everybody available. Once recovered they have either been moved to Kurdistan, Jordan or Turkey. Once the girls have been got back they are immediately moved to a safe haven.

Then the real work begins uniting them with their families and dealing with their immense physical and mental trauma then commences. All of the women are young and many are already married with their own children. Often their children are taken with them.

Under British law it is not acceptable for any registered British to be involved in buying back slaves. We have therefore been greatly helped by a dear inspirational Canadian Jewish friend Steve Maman. He was the first person to aid us in this crisis. Not the Church but an Orthodox Jew. He said his people had been through this before and nobody did anything, He was not going to stand back and do nothing whilst the Christians and Yazidees suffered. He established what a wonderful example of true brotherly love from the Older (Jew) to the Younger brother (Christian). 

For those who would like to support this charity you may do so via ." 
Canon Andrew White.
- with Steve Maman.

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