Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Please let me know what you think: Law c-51 is very controversial as many people fear that it target unfairly those who are marginalized and are activist. Muslims fear they will be the focus First Nation fear they will be arrested, Jewish people fear for their safety, people fear an invasion of IS. Those fear are based on past experience such as racism, antisemitism (which includes all Semites) Now there is a terrorism that we never speak of that is that of bad journalists, radio personalities, TV show hosts separatists not only those who want Quebec to secede but those who want to prevent people from uniting. My solution: We unite to conquer.

Just talk to a First Nation person and listen to what they have to say, about being harassed, push over and how the women are treated by those in "power" . The women are shy and have been abused not only by the system but by so called men who dehumanize the women.

If we unite to expose those truth, that many racists are Canadian be it of English or French descent, that they use their microphone to create hate. We can write to the CRTC to minister in charge of radio television, the press council and go ask those who want to be elected what they will do about systemic racism.

I was born in Canada of Irish.French descent schooled in the French school system I was taught to fear the "Other" much of it was lies and more lies. Truth heals, truth is the only way to go.

My solution is simple let us first clear our homegrown terrorist demand our right to be free of RACISM and systemic terrorism. I am sure that everyone with a heart that can empathize will agree on this idea

CLEAN UP the MESS I will go speak to those who want my vote and ask them to focus on Canadians that create hatred towards others. Yes, I fear an invasion of foreign terrorists but I fear more those who claim to be fake patriots and use politicking and not politics to impose their views.

August 18, 2015

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