Wednesday, August 26, 2015


  • Phyllis Carter - 
     If only the Montreal Police would bring the criminals, DAWN MCSWEENEY AND THOSE SHE CALLS HER PARTNERS IN CRIME to court.

    I would go to court in a wheelchair and report every detail of what they did to me and to my family.

    But a Montreal Police officer helped Dawn McSweeney rob me and destroy my family and so the Montreal Police have refused and refused and refused to take any legal action in this ugly case. 

    Detailed reports are open to the world at - 

    The corruption in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, goes deep and high. And so I fight on day and night, FOR JUSTICE.

    More than 215,000 people from here to Russia and China have now read my reports, but there is still no justice for victims of the Montreal Police.

  • Phyllis Carter - The photo above is of Marlene Jennings, Liberal Member of Parliament and Quebec Deputy Police Ethics Commissioner who stated at two public meetings in Montreal,

     "Mrs. Carter's rights were violated three times"

    But no one will do anything about it - except me. I will fight on to my last breath for what is our own, for every precious thing Dawn stole from me, for everything my father left to his children and grandchildren specifically named in his own will.

    If Dawn McSweeney were to go to jail for 20 years, it would hardly touch the damage she has done to me and to my family. I am fighting cancer. i am fighting for my life because of Dawn McSweeney's crimes and the corruption in the Montreal Police Department and the absolute irresponsibility of all the politicians who have refused to act in this case. I will name them in court - if ever a court will listen.

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