Friday, August 28, 2015


Quebec has a long history of Anti-Semitism. It also has a long history of abusing the people who owned this land for generations before Europeans came and stole it. No one talks about it. The media is too busy talking about Donald Tramp's hair and polticians spend all their time distracting the voters with money talk. The love of money really is the root of all evil.

Phyllis Carter

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August 29, 1990 a convoy of Mohawks very young, or old even a pregnant woman was on board. The story was told again by APTN tonight. When they started crossing the bridge enraged and violent men who were riled up by radio personalities, fRENCH speaking White men gathered on Mercier Bridge to STONE the convoy of people who were leaving the reserve.
The SQ had was in charge of safety, they assured safe passage once gain they lied and did NOTHING to prevent the stoning. 13  people were arrested and fined only a few hundred dollars. The radio personality that incited the riot got off because of freedom of speech. He was one of those who told listeners to to LaSalle at the bridge the Warriors are escaping he never said it was a convoy of children, babies and elderly who were leaving.
You can go and watch the interview with Grand Chief Joe Norton of Kahnawake and the daughter of the man who was stoned he was elderly and a rock hit him on his chest. One pregnant woman was violated while the mob was searching for UZIs and guns.
No inquest, no inquiry nothing was done to shed light on these barbaric acts. The non-native community is sweeping it under the rug, does not acknowledge or even mention it. I am not native and I will remind everyone at how cruel and savage my side can be in dealing with First Nation, and all others who are not Pure laine...
Go to APTN to watch the clip tomorrow
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